This work is currently featured in The New Art Fest, Maker Art 2020, Lisbon

This interactive fiction was developed in response to some of the NarraScope 2020 talks and the Game Jam theme of Growth.

I wanted to explore a game format that engaged with the passing of time, and the experience of reading, today. As a result it might be a bit disappointing and possibly not even true IF. A line of text will be displayed each minute over a 12-hour period. It should be played by reading a minute or two, leaving and returning. The numbers do correspond to some kind of order, which might lead to some clearer resolutions.

The page should auto-refresh each minute, but you might have to do this manually on mobile. It isn't super-tested so if there are bugs, let me know.

**If you don't have much time to spend with this feel free to right click and view source to skim-read**

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GenreInteractive Fiction

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