This interactive fiction has been developed in response to some of the NarraScope 2020 talks and the Game Jam theme of Growth.

I wanted to explore a game format that engaged with the passing of time, and the experience of reading, today. As a result it might be a bit disappointing and possibly not even true IF. A line of text will be displayed each minute over a 12-hour period. It should be played by reading a minute or two, leaving and returning. The numbers do correspond to some kind of order, which might lead to some clearer resolutions.

The page should auto-refresh each minute, but you might have to do this manually on mobile. It isn't super-tested so if there are bugs, let me know.

I hope you enjoy it.
Apologies to anyone who caught this on the first few days. It has received a couple of updates, and should now be working as intended!

If you are somehow encountering this, outside of the game jam, and seek IF, I encourage you to visit the NarraScope video archives and watch some talks!

**If you don't have much time to spend with this feel free to right click and view source to skim-read**

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